When they installed my system they never mentioned cleaning my solar panels?

Although solar energy has been around a while, residential applications are fairly new. The manufactures and installation companies are learning continually about what is required to maintain these systems.

Doesn't the rain clean my solar panels?

Rain isn't a good option for cleaning. It is not really efficient at cleaning solar panels. The oils and dirt from the roads is picked up by the winds and left on your solar panels. Agitation is required to loosen the build-up, then the panels need to be rinsed off.

Why not just do it myself?

Most people do not want to go up on their roofs; it is too dangerous. To remove the debris, oil soaked dust and bird droppings, you need the right tools. Our soft brush and DI water get your panels clean softly so your panels dry clear and free of residue.

Why should I even clean my solar panels?

Over time dust, bird droppings and debris can accumulate on your solar panels reducing their efficiency in some cases over 10% - 15% or more. Regular cleaning will keep your solar panels working at the highest output possible. In addition regular cleaning will keep your warranty valid.

Does the cleaning really pay for itself?

Yes! It has been proven that regular cleaning increases production so your cleaning pays for itself.

Is getting my solar panels cleaned expensive?

Pricing is based on the size of your system, accessibility to your solar panels, water source and power. For most residential applications the one time cost is between $100 and $150, however there are discounts for semi-annual and annual contracts.

When they installed my system, they said that I could just use the hose to rinse my panels?

Your solar panels are exposed to dust that is impregnated from road grime, as well as tree sap, and bird droppings. Try standing 50 feet away from your car and clean it by hosing it off. Clear Light Solar uses biodegradable earth friendly detergents and DI water which is 99 44/100 pure. This combined with a soft brush will remove the oil soaked grime and keep your panels working at top efficiency.